Woodlands Primary Academy

Reading and Phonics  

At Woodlands we aim to teach children to:

  • Read with fluency, accuracy and understanding.

Develop an understanding and appreciation of a wide range of literary and non-fiction texts.

Reading at Woodlands

Reading and phonics are taught as an integral part of our English lessons using quality texts from a wide range of authors and genres. Children are encouraged to explore texts from our rich and varied literary heritage including poetry and play scripts and to discover books written by both well-known and up and coming authors. Non-fiction texts are chosen to match topic themes, current events and children’s interests.

In addition to the teaching of reading skills and comprehension through English lessons, children read texts from Project X and Big Cat Phonics, which are accurately matched to their reading ability and phonics stage. 'Free Readers' in Key Stage 2 have a wide variety of texts to choose from and are encouraged to read texts from a variety of authors. 

Once children have progressed on to ‘Free Readers’ there is a large selection of books in each Key Stage Library for children to choose from and they are encouraged to read a variety of text types and books by different authors.

Children read to an adult several times a week in school according to their needs and we ask that parents and carers support their child at home in line with our home-school agreement.

Progression of Skills and Knowledge in Reading

Progression of Reading - Early Years

Reading at home

Our policy is that all children from Reception to Year 6 read with an adult regularly at home. 
Children from reception have a reading diary which is used to record reading in school and at home. If children read at home at least three times a week, they earn a certificate and a raffle ticket which gives them a chance to win a prize.  

Early Reading Policy

Click on the links below for lists of recommended books for each year group:


Phonics is taught as part of our English programme, which ensures all children, regardless of their age are getting phonics input appropriate to their ability. Children are assessed regularly by their class teacher and regrouped accordingly.

Parent Information - Phonics & Early Reading

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