Woodlands Primary Academy

Physical Education


Physical exercise promotes self-image, high productivity & energetic wellbeing  - Lailah Gifty-Akita 

Our PE curriculum that allows children to develop knowledge, skills and vocabulary in a broad range of sporting activities and sports specific skills. Along with this we embed values and transferable life skills such as fairness, respect and team work and build a firm knowledge of how exercise and activity affects the body in a positive way, both physically and mentally.

We want children to become physically confident in a way which supports their health, fitness and understanding of how they use their bodies to carry our physically demanding activities. We truly believe in the principles of physical education and sport and how this can be a vehicle for all children to learn. It's not just about sport but also about personal qualities that will stay with them for a lifetime.


PE teaching at Woodlands is taught using the GETSET4PE and also teacher’s own expertise. This is firmly in line with the National Curriculum. The scheme is by all teachers, across all age phases and supported though our links with both Dream Big and Oldham Athletic Community Trust.

Each class has access to 2 hours of high quality PE/structured physical activity every week. Within PE lessons, children are given the opportunity to practise skills in a variety of ways and each lesson builds upon the previous skills, allowing them time to embed it and apply it in a range of contexts. Different skills are recapped throughout and across the years, each time they are being built upon; allowing children to know more and remember more. Children are encouraged to be physically active in all curriculum subjects and our teaching and learning cycle allows for frequent movement breaks throughout the school day. This keeps children engaged in their learning. Year 4 receive weekly swimming lessons in addition to their PE lesson in school. 

Assessments are based on teacher assessments and are recorded on GETSET4PE. Evidence of this is shown on GETSET4PE and through pupil voice. Pupils are also given time to reflect on their learning and take part in self, peer and group feedback within the lesson.

Key Documents

PE Policy

Swimming - Parent Guidelines