Meet the Academy Council


We are the Academy council for Woodlands Academy.

We are the elected representatives for our classes and we work in school to help to make changes and improvements to the curriculum and resourcing and we help to arrange enrichment activities. For example, this year we will be heavily involved in our Enterprise curriculum driver by helping to arrange book fairs, organising and running charity events and helping to arrange the Christmas Fair.  Our ideas are generated at meetings with staff and children in school and we share them with our school community in the Academy newsletter, in school assemblies and during feedback sessions with our classes.

We also help gauge the opinions of children in school by acting as the pupil voice for our classes, sharing good news with our teachers and helping to make changes that will benefit us all. Recently, we were involved in sampling the opinions of children asking what they thought of our new dinner menus so we could give feedback to our Head of School. Mrs Sharpe.

Our role in school is very important and we are proud to be a part of the academy council.