Woodlands Primary Academy


At Woodlands Primary Academy we value the contribution that homework can have to a child's academic achievement. However, we are also aware that for some families, homework is a challenge and as we continue to strive to ensure children always Enjoy, Thrive and Aspire we have taken these views into account when looking at our homework expectations this year. 

A parent survey was sent out in September 2020 and the results of this helped us to create the following plan.

Project Tasks

Some homework is project based, children are given a range of activities to choose from, which will be linked to the topic children are working on in class. Examples might include designing a poster, writing a leaflet or creating a model. You might be challenged to visit somewhere new or to interview family and friends on a specific topic. Homework is then returned to school at the end of the half term then shared, celebrated and rewarded with the rest of the class. These learning challenges are a great way to get all the family involved. Families can choose how many of the projects they wish to complete. 

Weekly Tasks 

In addition to half termly challenges, all children are sent home with year group specific spellings to learn each week. Access to Spelling Shed is encouraged to practise these skills. 

Children are asked to complete game on TTRS to improve their times table recall skill sin maths each week. 

Daily Tasks

Reading should happen every night and parents are asked to sign children’s reading records when they have read at home. Children should try to read the school book sent home, but can also read a wider range of materials at home. This reading can also be logged in their reading records.