Woodlands Primary Academy

Curriculum Rationale & Vision

A detailed overview of the ethos and aims of our Academy can be found here

Quality of Education - Our Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Implementation

At Woodlands Primary Academy, there is a Pupil Admissions Number (PAN) of 45.  Children are split into mixed classes in KS1, LKS2 and UKS2. Class profiles are decided via a range of factors including child voice and peer relationships. There are no streamed classes at Woodlands.

Maths and PSHCE are taught in pure age groups across the Academy. This ensures that all children are taught objectives that are pertinent to the age of the children, allowing for sequencing and progression of knowledge to become secure.

The remaining National Curriculum subjects are taught in mixed aged classes. Expectations from the National Curriculum are split into Cycle A or Cycle B termly topics and are taught over a 2-year cycle allowing for the knowledge, skills and vocabulary to be taught progressively, revisited and embedded across the phase. Adaptations are made to the curriculum to meet the needs of individuals in the class allowing for children to be challenged appropriately.

Staff work in phase teams to plan collaboratively, sharing the workload and ensuring equity of coverage, regardless of class make up. All children in a year group will therefore access the same lesson content over the course of a week – the delivery style and time of session may differ, but the key knowledge, as set out in bespoke unit plans, remains consistent