Woodlands Primary Academy

Curriculum Enrichment

Our Enrichment Overview provides an outline of our Academy wide offer for all children and includes whole school focus weeks, national celebrations and allows us to further develop cultural capital across all phases. Through the exploration of a 'Big Question' children are exposed to and immersed in themes which challenge their thinking and give opportunities for a deepening of understanding with regards British Values, SMSC and Cultural Capital.

Each year includes an Enterprise Week. This is a chance for children to work together on a shared idea, in mixed aged groups form Y1-6, designing a business model and creating a product to sell. 

Curriculum Enrichment - Our Big Questions, Cycle A & B

This year we have 6 exciting Enrichment themes which our children will explore.

Previous Projects

Global Citizenship 

 Our key questions...

Y1 – What does it mean to be from Oldham? 

Y2 – How can we help to stop Global Warming? 

Y3 – What global impact did Manchester have in the Industrial Revolution? 

Y4 – What has been the global impact of The British Monarchy? 

Y5 – Black History Month – Why is racism still a Global concern? 

Y6 – Computing – does technology make being a Global Citizen easier? 

Protected Characteristics

Our key questions...

Y1 – Gender – Can girls be explorers? 

Y2 – Race – Where are explorers from? 

Y3 – Age – Is it ok for children to be made to work? 

Y4 – Who was Emiline Pankhurst? 

Y5 – Disabilities – How do we protect victims of conflict? 

Y6 – Gender – why are more of the world's leader's male? 

During their class assembly, Foxes have explored what a Protected Characteristic is and why it's important to ensure they're always protected

Disability Awareness

Our key questions...

Y1 – Can you be a police officer if you’re disabled?  

Y2 – Is our local area accessible to all? 

Y3 – Can you see all disabilities? 

Y4 – Can everyone enjoy the Natural World? 

Y5 – What is Autism? 

Y6 – How do disabilities evolve? Are disabilities inherited?  



 Our key questions...

KS1 – How can we help in our local area?

Y3 – Do we have a voice? How can we be heard?  

Y4 – How can we save water?

Y5 – How can we help those suffering following a natural disaster?

Y6 – Can we travel in more environmentally friendly ways?

At Woodlands, we enjoy a variety of Enriching Experiences that include, STEM, Mental Health and Wellbeing, Aspirations, Enterprise and Sports. 

Enterprise Week

In the Summer Term we hold our Enterprise Week. Children from Y1 to Y6 worked in mixed aged teams  to complete the following challenge…

Teams complete market research, create product designs and prototypes, a logo and an advert. The week culminates in a showcase of stalls in the school hall. Family/friends join our Enterprise Market and buy the products that most appeal to them.


Enterprise Week

Stem Week

In the Autumn term, Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths is the focus as we hold our STEM week. Children are engaged in experiments, maths hunts, design challenges and projects, developing their enquiry skills across the curriculum. 


Aspiration Week

During Aspiration week, we welcomed a range of professionals into school to help our children understand the world of work and the opportunities that are available to them. We were delighted to have sessions with the Police, the Fire Service, a solicitor, an outdoor education specialist, a nurse a make up artist and a professional footballer. 

In addition, all our children from Y2-Y6 were taught emergency first aid by Flat Stan, giving them an invaluable life skill.  


Platinum Jubilee

In the summer of 2022, we joined the rest of the UK in celebrating Her Majesty's Platinum Jubilee. Children across school were immersed in activities to develop their understanding of The Royal Family and the role of a Monarch. We also came together to create a whole school piece of artwork to commemorate the occasion.


Platinum Jubilee


Creative Arts Week

We enjoyed art, drama and music in our Creative Arts Week. We were very lucky to have visits from a Theatre Company, our Resident Artist and Latin & ballroom dance lessons.

Creative Arts Week