Aims and Vision

'The future begins here' at Woodlands

At Woodlands we aim to:


  • Deliver a high quality teaching and learning experience for our pupils that promotes high standards and accelerated progress for all. 
  • Provide stimulating, challenging and meaningful learning experiences, meeting the needs and aspirations of all our children enabling them to be successful in the future.

  •  Actively promote the development of good attitudes and behaviour, together with positive working relationships in order that children are successful members of the community now and in the future.       
  • Encourage the children to be actively involved in developing learning skills and ideas in order to inspire enquiring minds and a life-long love of learning.

  • Celebrate the principles of high achievement, respect and inclusion  of all children.
  • Work together with the community  to  challenge, inspire and motivate all our children to become successful, confident and caring global citizens within our diverse world.

Through our aims we ensure we deliver the priorities of South Pennine Academies, our partner and Sponsor:

  • Successful Students
  • High Performing Staff
  • Strong and Effective Leadership
  • Engaged Community